Caleb Switzer   $2500
Jessi Dreschler  $2500
Brandon Brown  $1000 - Special Grant by Private Donation

Scholarships are paid to flight schools on the Auburn Airport on behalf of students working toward an FAA airmen certificate.  Students have up to one year to use the funds.


We invite you to become part of our program by giving tax deductible dollars towards helping new pilots get their start. Especially those young people with the goal and the will to fly.  We are guiding them into aviation with the annual Col. C.E. "Bud" Anderson Scholarship. Learn more about Col. Anderson and his amazing career.

Won't you help us? Use the link below to make a cash donation directly to the Auburn Aviation Association Educational Endowment Fund. This fund will support our aviation related scholarship program for decades in to the future.

Estate donations, vehicles and other tangible assets may be donated by contacting Placer Community Foundation via the same link. 

Click here to add to our Endowment Fund or Contact PCF 

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause.  You can trust the AAA to put your hard earned money to work towards “Paying It Forward to the Next Generation!”  


Don Wolfe

Scholarship Program Development Director


Col. Anderson and Artist Douglas Van Howd

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