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Scholarship Interviews, Friday Flydays, Hangar Movie Night

05/01/2018 1:26 PM | Chris Haven (Administrator)

From Wayne Mooneyham, President

As per my usual modus operandi of wait til the deadline is upon me before I lay a pen to paper for the Presidents Message, here I am once again up against a hard deadline of tonight. The good news is that ideas for this endeavor spring forth as if the waters are gushing over the spillway, i.e., think of the Lake Orville debacle - total chaos and confusion.

Obviously, spring is upon us - and with it comes wonderful weather and long days filled with outings, meetings, destination flying and the never ending yard work. Social activities at our gem airport abound - its time to take to the skies! All of these things translate to almost overlapping events on any given day.

Walt Wilson, our Scholarship Chairman, reports that the interview process for our 13 applicants will take place Saturday, April 28th, which is also the same day to display your vintage aircraft or to attend the mountain flying seminar at Lincoln Airport. Yours truly is committed to all of these functions and is an example of what I was referring to - i.e., overlapping events on the spring calendar.

The AAA Board of Directors will have met to discuss a number of issues that need to be resolved by the time members receive this. Friday, May 18th at 1700 hrs kicks off the summer monthly Friday Flydays charitable event series. The first months beneficiary is the Bud Anderson Scholarship Program. WWII aircraft and jeeps, plus a DC-3 and free BBQ guarantee lots of entertaining things to do.

As many of you know we are in the process of trying to acquire a different airport radio frequency (122.775) from the FCC. This is a safety issue due to the frequent interference with several other airports. This is now in the Application Process with the FCC. If granted, there will be plenty of notice before it is put into use.

Don Wolfe, our Scholarship Program Development Director, reports that weve added a NEW Scholarship Fund Donation DONATE tab to the AAA Membership Renewal page. This will enable you to make an optional, voluntary contribution to the Scholarship Fund when you log in to renew your membership or at any other time. The donation is tax deductible. As a reminder, since we are no longer sponsoring the biannual Auburn Air Fair, donations are our main source for supporting our scholarship program. Thanks to Captain Wolfe for his ongoing

contributions to our organization.
Hope to see you the first Wednesday each

month—entertaining speakers, good food and an opportunity to socialize with fellow aviation enthusiasts makes for a great way to spend one of these spring/summer evenings.

Thought for the month - Dont Procrastinate.

Wayne Mooneyham, President 

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