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Northern California Airshows and Hot Weather Flying

05/30/2018 9:03 AM | Chris Haven (Administrator)

From Doug Fee, Vice President

As of this publication date, its only about three weeks until the longest day of the year and, here in the foothills, the beginning of the summer flying season is upon us. To me, that brings three things to mind: Heat, VFR weather and AIRSHOWS! Heat. Whether you love it or hate it, its coming. And along with that heat come changes in the performance of your air machine. Even at the moderate altitudes of our airports here locally, on a hot day, you can see density altitudes that will result in aircraft performance reminiscent of serious mountain flying. Are you ready? VFR weather. Woo hoo! Clear skies almost every day! But keep in mind that, when its hot inland, the typical Northern California weather pattern will often bring low clouds to the coastline. During the summer, AUN can be clear and in the 90s, while Half Moon Bay might have a low overcast, and be in the 60s with drizzle. Also, while we don't get the sort of heavy infusion of thunderstorms that are prevalent in the Midwest and the South, its not uncommon to see some significant afternoon cumulus build-ups over the Sierras. Just enough to keep your flying life interesting! And, finally Airshows! We've got some good ones coming up to put on your calendar: The Truckee-Tahoe Air Show will be held July 14. Just a short, beautiful drive up into the Sierras--or only 49 nm by air. The California Capitol Air Show  will be September 21, 22 & 23 at Mather Field. We are truly fortunate to have one of our state's premier aviation events just a hop, skip and a jump down the road from us. Only 31 miles by car, or 26 nm by air. There's no good reason not to go and rub elbows with some of our Auburn locals who will be there. The USAF Thunderbirds will be performing this year. The Auburn Air Fair is scheduled for September 29. It is even closer than Mather Field. In fact, its located exactly ZERO miles from us. This year’s theme is "Honoring Our First Responders." Come out, join the fun, and help support our aviation community here in Auburn. And finally, San Francisco Fleet Week Air Show to be held on the waterfront October 6 & 7, a spectacle that will include the USN Blue Angels. Go out there and enjoy all those things that our Northern California aviation community has to offer in family entertainment this season! Blue skies, smooth air & tailwinds, Doug Fee P.S. For more fun family entertainment, don't forget that Diane Hammer and Ben Foss are spearheading "Fly-Day Fridays" again this year. Third Friday evening each month. Next one will be June 15th. 

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