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05/29/2019 1:36 PM | Chris Haven (Administrator)

From Vice President Don Wolfe.

President Doug Fee invited me to sit at The Presidential Desk this month and pen the June message. The seat is soft, the coffee warm, the scheduled nap complete, here we go!

It's been a busy Spring at AAA. We?ve accomplished 3 Aviation Career and Interview Training Classes, conducted interviews, presented the 2019 Aviation Scholarship Awards, investigated the possibility of an Endowment Fund with Placer Community Foundation and had 5 monthly meetings with excellent guest speakers.

June's guest speaker Captain Joe Sobczak was forced to cancel due to an illness in the family. Tim Pinkney stepped up with an offer to give his presentation on JUNO. JUNO is America?s satellite spacecraft exploring Jupiter. We look forward to another outstanding performance by Tim, 'The Axeman'!

Looking forward, we'll be setting up the AAA Tent at Ben Foss' Soaring Saturdays on June 8th, 5 to 8 PM. Ben, Christian Watt and the event team plan to host at least three Saturday events this summer raising money for local charities. Volunteers will be needed to set up and man the AAA tent. We need a good turnout from our m em bership at ALL of these sum m er event s. Ben?s team is putting in a big effort and a lot of time into these programs and they need our support. It's a great opportunity to go to the airport for food, music, socializing and airplanes. See you there!

On July 10, (the second Wednesday) we?ll have a joint meeting with AAA and the local EAA Chapter 526. Our guest speaker Steve Kendall will be talking about the EAA Young Eagles Program here at Auburn airport. This nationwide mentoring program dovetails in with our ?Careers in Aviation?mentoring programs. The next Young Eagles Day is June 15, 2019. Bring your children to the airport for a free airplane ride and the opportunity to fly a simulator. The Young Eagles program might be the spark that ignites an interest in aviation for your child.

Summer days are just around the corner, the airplanes are flying, and Wings restaurant is forever popular. Come out to the airport and join the fun. Better yet, sign up for an intro ride at one of the local flight schools and discover the thrill of flight.

Mach 5 Aviation, Sierra Air Helicopters and Sunshine Flyers offer 'Intro rides'which allow you to actually fly the vehicle.

Every great journey begins with that first step.

Step Up and GO UP!


Don "Wolfman" Wolfe

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